Monday, July 23, 2012


So here it goes again. Me, unable to post some writings for the blog. So sad. It literally makes me lost in words. Oh well.

Anyways, have been doing lots of works, I'm telling you. Seriously. Aches here and there. I really need a good massage. And a lulur will help! Ha, ha! Oh how I miss home. I miss everyone back home! :( And of course, I do really miss my . . . wardrobe and shoes collection! Ha, ha! But it's true . . . (trying to cheer myself here, so bear with me for a while please?)

I am getting tanner, I guess. Well, not tan, scratch that. Burnt. Not good. The nose is tanner than the other face parts. Grrrr. Will I really would put extra sunscreen on the nose, just like those lifeguards by the beach? Oh why do I have to imagine Baywatch right about now? Ha!! I seriously need to pamper myself. But the question is . . . when? Blisters are decorating my feet. But oh well, I am sure these . . . experience (no, I don't want to use . . . negative words, ha ha) will bring a valuable outcome in the . . . near future!

I should really spend just a little time on this blog. Have been spending time at the . . . National Library! Yay! Fun! . . . . Not really though. I wanna go shopping!!! Oh, this reminds me! Can't wait till Kakung and Uti come and visit the city at the end of the week! Yay! Good food and good . . . clothes, AND SHOES, I'm guessing? *teehee*

Both are from River Island

So . . . what else . . . Oh, okay. Research. Currently doing a research on Kengo Kuma. And yes, I don't really like to bore you with some of his background and whatnots. But I guess I should say that he's one of the . . . best. In my humble opinion that is. Well, his pioneers as well though. Really love how he combines different materials to create not only for its aesthetics but also its functions. Oh how I wish I have great minds like brainy architects. Ha, ha!

Pics are from 1, 2, 3

Oh. Just found this work of his. I so wanna go to this Starbucks in Dazaifu, Japan. Super . . . wow-ing.

Images are from here

Oh well. I really wanna go to sleep right now and meet my man Boggie in the land of dreams, *teehee. But I guess I should continue MORE of my assignments. Have a great week!

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