Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Happiness.

Guess it's time for another post, for the last of the month. Ha ha!! Well, anyways . . . I've been having the greatest time with my man, Boggie! The journey of our love gets more and more exciting, just like riding a roller coaster ride. I just can't really wait to spend all of my entire time with him!

He is the apple to my eyes. The stars to my darkest nights. The melodies to my songs. My rainbow after every rain :) Ooh! My happiness and of course, my happy ending *teehee! He is truly my prince charming, and my knight in shining armor. I really thank my Jesus, for planting the seeds of love towards us. The most important thing is, I really love my man because he loves HIM. Rooted in the love of God, our relationship is because of God, for God, and for His glory as well. Nothing more.

Having him is really a great blessing. I love him, not only as my beloved one, but he is really the best-est bud and partner, ever. Of course, the journey is not always smooth - but it's where the excitement is, and it's also where the process that we have to phase comes. We let every challenges come, for not only knowing more about each of our characteristics but as well as to keep holding our strong handle towards Jesus our Mighty God.

Having our own little adventure is just one of the things that we do. Went to places that we haven't been before, and trying to find our own way - with the help of GPS, ha ha! Oh, and yes, the world of aviation always excites me. Since we're together, we both are curious on each other's likes and interests.

Can't really put all of the things in my heart in words, he he. Guess this is how to end the post, he he. Can't really wait to see my prince to have another priceless quality time.

Rejoice and be delighted, cause Jesus has and is always alive! Have a great Sunday afternoon!

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