Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Happened?

Okay. It's time to blog. Again. My oh my. It's been ages, I know. I even had this urge to write, cause I was flicking and organizing through the images on the phone. Saw some pics about my blog, that seemed . . . so alive. Back in those days.

Then, since I'm lazy on this sort-of-gloomy Saturday afternoon in Jakarta, I just thought the brain needs to be functioned well. Plus, it's been a looooooooonnngggg time since my last post on the blog. Just need to . . . continue and pour my heart out. Ha!

What to write . . . Hm. Food? Okay. Well, had some yummy bites with the family during the stay in Jakarta. It's quite a bummer, since the invention of Path, I might say that I'm kinda lazy to take pics from the camera. Therefore, this laziness affects my blog writing as well. Ha ha, sorry.

Had a great time with the girlies the other day. Had some great chats, gossips, and laughs. Miss hanging out with them, and it always brings back good memories back in the junior high - and even through the primary years of our school time.

Okay. I'm really out of words right now, and Glenn Fredly's version of Malaikat Juga Tahu is really soothing. Makes me sleepy. Perhaps will hit the bed for a nap for a bit.

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