Monday, April 8, 2013

Anti Gravity.

Due to some circumstances, I am now spending another week in Jakarta. Well, I'll be back tomorrow, though, ha ha! Though assignment still goes on, I could managed my time quite easily to keep finishing my work, while still also spending my time wisely with my man, Boggie. Plus, have been doing some Power Swing or AntiGravity Yoga with the girlies! So here we go, will be 'defining' and somewhat 'reviewing' my point of view about this sport.

First thing's first. So what is it all about? It's some sort of yoga thingy, but it's not purely yoga - since we can actually define 'yoga' as wide or as narrow as we like. Anyways, in this AntiGravity Yoga, it's somewhat a mixed of Pilates, dance, and calisthenics. Good for the legs, abs, arms, and almost every part of the body. Since I've done some Pilates, doing this, for me, is quite easy - due to its similarity.

Well, the very core element aerial yoga trend is by the use of the hammock - which is hang and suspended in the air. This hammock supports the hips and there are a lot of variety of movements for the hips, legs, bums, abs, and arms. It surely offers a new way to cultivate strength and flexibility. Being able to crunch or doing sit-ups in the air is really hard. Believe me.


The girlies and I have been doing this AntiGravity, twice now - and we're hoping to have this as a routine exercise for all of us. Since I'm going back to Singapore again, sadly I couldn't join them for another session. Oh well, we'll see when I'm in town again, he he he.

By the way, I'm so proud and so excited for my man, Boggie! He'll be off for 9 days until he's back in Jakarta - as he'll be having the longest plane trip (for now!) Yay, Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam! Can't thank my Jesus enough for the blessings that He give :)


The post reminds me of Gravity by John Mayer. In a way. Oh well. Enjoy the rest of the day!


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