Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Matcha & Moon.

Friend. [frend] / -noun
  1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard
  2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter
A friend is someone who completes you. Who listens to you when you let all of your heart out. Who comforts you when you're down. Who shares the same happiness when you're joyful. Who laughs with you, even on an unimportant conversation or event. Who talks about ANYTHING. Who asks on your opinions about things (read: clothes, shoes, and even guys *teehee*)

They also don't mind about your weirdness, your fool acts, or even your size. They accept you just the way you are.

I've got a couple of good friends. They are all different. Characteristically, and of course physically. And I love them all.

Let's start to get to know my matchamooners! (I'll just make it alphabetically - to make it easier)

Arabella Amanda Wardana (Amanda/Mandy/Jegung)
At first, I thought this girl is the quiet type of person, but when you get to know her more she is..well..different. She is weird. She is random. She's now in the land of windmills and cheese, The Netherlands. Okay, do you want to know the story behind the word 'Jegung'? Firstly, we called ourselves as 'Jeung' (which is the word 'miss' in Indonesian or like 'mademoiselle' in French, well..not technically..anyways..) Then on Skype, we like to laugh randomly on things and by randomly, I mean randomly too (eg: 'hahoiuwerha' or 'hqhuhahahahbvcnm', okay you got the point). And because we were too excited, she misspelled "jeung" to "jegung". And so there it goes, our special nickname was born ;)

I miss Amanda.
And oh! She is somewhat my cousin (because of marriage).

Jegung in action and The Jegungs in the land of gods

LisaBeth Armunando (Lizzie/Ici)
She is one of the amazing crazy person I've met in my life. We've spent the last 12 years(ish) being friends. Yes, we've been friends since we were little and innocent. Played around in the kindergarten of Sekolah Global Jaya, and stopped since the school changed its name into GJIS (Global Jaya International School). Being friends with the daughter of the principal is way too cool B-) HAHAHA. I'm really amazed that we're still being good friends since now. I now feel that it was just yesterday that we first met. Time flies. So fast. She taught me all the crazy and bizarre stuff that she likes, and I hope she got inspired by my life and now she is being a good girl O:)

The boy-looking Lizzie and the 'bumil' Lizzie.

Raisa Hulia Putri (Ulli/Uls)
Same like Lizzie-O, she's my kindergarten buddy! Our brothers are friends as well. We always confused teachers, especially Pak Dedi - our beloved PE teacher (HAHAHA), because they thought we were twins! It has been a while since we last gossip! How's the cute Frenchie? Nyahahaa. I miss Ulli. She's in down-under right now. I miss having a Skype or ooVoo session with her and Amanda (plus, Puspitong). I missed how our hair style were almost the same. Time flies. So fast. OMG.

And yes, I think she was the first who introduced or opened my eyes with Lomography.

Fishy and PUCKA!

Vanessa Izka Virginia (Vanessa/V)
I've known her since the 7th grade. We were in the same class. I remembered that she was the cutest, littlest, and smallest girl (minus Echa) in the room. Her hair was very long and straight, and now her hair is curvy and wavy. We've been in the same class for 2 years. Vanessa is the closest friend that lives near my house (minus Echa, again). She used to love emo and all that stuff. My Chemical Romance. Mmm..Who else? I may say we kind of have a different taste on music. And guys? HAHAHA.

And she
loveeeeeeeeeeeesss K-Pop.
And she also calls me the "
OMG Girl".
And check her blog as well!

Past and present, the 'always-rebek' girl

Although we have different characteristics and different likes and dislikes and whatever, we still have something in common :