Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's been too long since I wrote my last post on the blog. Well, if you're a constant reader (HA HA HA), then you'd know that I've been avoiding writing whenever I'm super busy (read: assignments and all). But oh well, it's been very surprising week for me - and I'm trying to keep my chin up to be happy until the rest of the week :D

Anyways, on. . . Tuesday? Yes, Tuesday. Met Alia and her fellow band-mates. As they're all taking dentistry, they call themselves as DENTSFLOW (dents = dentists, duh? Haha!). I was 'kidnapped' from the Southern part of Jakarta that I know quite well, to an area in the Western part of Jakarta. Which made me totally blind. Oh by the way, the food was great though.

Anyways, the tunes that they were making was pretty alright, and they covered songs from artists like Parkdrive, Maliq & D'Essentials, and so on. Oh! Loved Chrisye's cover of "Cintaku", and hopefully they could master Breakbot's "Baby I'm Yours".

My dearest friend Alia, as you know, is the most prettiest beat-maker ever (read; drummer). And the post is for her and her friends (including my new friend Steven, which I had a post about his tunes before here), as I promised to write a single post about DENTSFLOW.

Oh, it was the first time Alia met the XZ-1. Who wouldn't fell in love with my baby-whitey? Hihihi.


  1. YEAY FINALLY!!! u shud come more often to our rehearsals!!! ini belum cukup mempromosikan dentsflow...ayo dong lagi lagi lagi lagi

    alia :D

  2. HAI ALIA!!!!

    ntr gue jd groupies kalian kok, tenang ajahhhhh