Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lost Track.

Ha! Oh wow. It's been almost 2 full weeks since I last touched my blog. Well, yes not literally - perhaps "since I last logged in" might be more suitable.

Well anyways, I've been very busy during the past few weeks, and a lot of things were happening which made me lost track of time and day. Missed a couple of lunches, which made me woozy for a couple of days - and felt like a real zombie. Therefore, I haven't had the slightest hour to update this blog of mine. Plus, I wasn't in my writing mood as well. I was more in the phase of . . . planning. Planning the future. Ha!!

Have been MIA as well in the world of Instagram - which I really miss the most. I was really occupied and didn't got the time to . . . capture quirky details, which I love to share on my account. Oh well.

Oh and yes, since I'm bringing home some of my work from the office (which is being chased by deadlines), I'm writing this post with my laptop! It has been ages since I last use this laptop of mine. I miss using this laptop, and working on AutoCAD. At home. Now I remember my college days, back then. And in a few weeks time I'm starting again!

Oh well. I should really get some sleep.

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