Sunday, May 6, 2012

Family Time.

Since my man is up in the air throughout the weekend, I spent my weekend with the family. Yay!

On Saturday, I had a really lovely day-out with my lovable nieces, whom I have longed for meeting them! Had a lunch at Kampoeng Aer, played with them under the sun - and yes, due to the hot weather and I didn't had the chance to put some sunscreen on, I think I burnt myself. Ha. But oh well, it doesn't really matter. Had some really fun moments, and yes some pretty naive conversations that tingled me! I really love spending my time with my family, especially with these particular nieces of mine. They are so . . . adorable, and yet lovable!

The day went up till late at night, when we then had a stroll around at the mall. I had so much fun taking care of them, although it was pretty tiring. And yes, to be honest, I can't really wait till I have my own! If you know what I mean. Ha, ha!!! But anyways, all of the tiredness and all that were paid off by a quick salon time and a self-scrub at home afterwards!

As for today, had a lunch after church with the big family, of my dad's side, at JW Marriott's Sailendra. Well, not all of my family were there, but it was nice to catch up with others.

So anyways. . . I'm not feeling quite well since I woke up this morning. Been sneezing and my throat's hurting me until now. Guess I should really get some sleep. Goodnight.

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