Sunday, February 10, 2013


Currently enjoying this short visit of mine to my home. Yay! Though I don't celebrate Chinese New Year, but hey . . . holidays for a week isn't so bad to go back, righttt?? Therefore, have been enjoying yummy food for the tummy for the past 2 days-ish.

Had a family gathering time, daddy's side, yesterday. Experienced the most . . . joyous yet entertaining flood moment! Really! It was my first on experiencing water comes inside a house. Oh, it wasn't that bad actually. Only about a centimeter, but it was surely fun cause my lovely nieces were so cute and lighted the whole house again! Imagine, cute little girls aged 5 and 7 doing the robot dance and all that! Oh and of course because Jesus' never ending love and peace of course :)

Couldn't imagine to those people whom houses are actually . . . drowned with water. Can't thank my Jesus enough.

Oh well. Haven't been doing my thesis for a long time, and oh my. Have to do so many reports and writings and oh my, I'll be having a 50% worth of design business & law, grrrr not actually a fan of those law/business/those that have to make me memorize things. Have been caught up with the new season of American Idol! Ha! Go check their YouTube here! They actually have some star quality peeps, you know.

But of course, last year's one was my favorite. Phil Phillips! Ha ha!

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