Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Burgers and Talks.

Had a really nice short holiday during last week, and yes I'm back in Singapore. Can't believe that it's only 4 more weeks (one month. YES, I repeat, one more month) till the term's finished! Wow. Time surely does fly so fast, eh?

So, what to write . . . Oh. Valentine's day! Let's get lovey-dovey here, please do mind. Anyways, we didn't had those 'romantic candle-light dinners' or what-so-ever. Neither do flowers or chocolates. Cause, hey, every day is valentine's day right? Well, it is to us though . . . *teehee

It was only the both of us, had Carl's Jr for dinner. Self karaoke-ing to Maroon 5's One More Night. Had a photo booth section. Oh here's a little something: we never had photo booth pictures. Ever. Since we were together. So it was pretty memorable :) Anyways, then we went to a fellowship where both sides' of our parents were there as well. Finished the day with hours of talk full of laughter and love.

What else . . . Oh! Well before valentine's day, my man Boggie bought me this lovely doff-textured orange case for my babymac! I really love the color and with my black and white case, it's so . . . cool. Ha! So it was some kind of a pre-valentine's gift I guess . . . *teehee. Oh, please do mind the phone, I just had to put it there cause I just love the combination. Ha ha!

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