Saturday, February 2, 2013

So Fast.

This is just so sad. I feel so bad. Oh well, anyways . . . Will try my very best to keep this blog alive again. Been quite packed with my studies, since I'm doing my final thesis/project now. Oh wow. Haven't been on the internet to browse and whatnots for the past . . . how many months, I don't know. No, this is too exaggerating, ha!

These days went so fast, and it's just within countable days I'll be home! For a while, haha! Anyways, my Saturday night was accompanied by my man while he's away on duty. Well, you can't really see this, cause we were on FaceTime so it's a bit too small and a bit dark - cause he went to sleep already *teehee. Mind the mess, though.

Well anyways, found some little stuffs for the collection. These are my new iPhone case, and some little cute thingy for my wrist (read: bracelet). Planes. Yes. I have a particular interest in the world of aviation *teehee! And oh, yes. This sunnies that I found. Pretty cool, in my opinion. So then bought a pair as well. Mind the narcissistic photo, ha ha.

Can't really focus on blogging for this past few months - well I might say since I moved to Singapore for my studies. Things are happening so fast and days went by so quick. Therefore, my time for this lovely blog of mine *ha!* have been cut down. Big time.

Oh well. Goodnight!

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