Thursday, April 11, 2013


So, okay . . . Since I'm not doing anything at the moment, which I should though, I'm spending a wee bit of the time to blog. Yay! As I'm doing my final major studio project, it feels like I don't have an extra time to update the blog.

As what I believe in, our purpose in life is for God. All glory is for Him, and all the little things that happen in our lives are because of Him. Therefore, from what I've been longed to do and what I've been wanting to do is to worship and glorify Him through all of my works - I'll be designing a Christian Center for the youth. From all of the things that God gave to me, I'd like to dedicate and give my final and foremost important project to Him. 

Well, at first I wanted to design a church, but I've changed my mind and I know this is the wisdom from God, therefore I'll be designing a center which is for faith & character building in Christ. It creates a more complexed and broader design field, therefore it's where the challenge is.

Anyways, I have to stop writing because if I don't, I'll be procrastinating and forget all the drawings that I have to make, ha ha! Will be watching Olympus Has Fallen later on, wow right? HA HA!

Have a good day!

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