Sunday, May 29, 2011

Romeo Love.

Watched 'Letters to Juliet' for the first time, ever. I know you'd probably will think that I'm so last year, but what the hey. . . I was in Shanghai last year when the movie was airing in the country and couldn't be bother to watch it online. And now the movie made me think about these things: true love, destiny, and what if . . .

As I love to write, I like to brainstorm things inside the head. Trying to think what will my life be, let's say. . . in 3 years time. Imagining the future is one of the priority in my life. What will I be? What will I do for living? Will a handsome Romeo climb up to the balcony and give me a kiss? Yadda yadda yadda (oh yes, I am laughing myself off while I am typing this). And as I'm writing this, I was thinking on writing a piece that is deep enough - but then again, my brain quickly switches its mind, sending information to the nerves of my hands, and to just write a . . . simplified deep thoughts of Kezia Angelica, ha ha!

Anyways, I think there is no point at all doing this 'deep-thoughts-to-end-the-week' thing. I am too caught up with work and I actually don't know what I'm trying to share here. Ha!

Oh well, perhaps next time I'll try to write a piece that is. . . thoughtful and touching enough. There are too much going on on my mind, and Chips Ahoy! surely did its thing (well, 5 cookies accompanied me while I was watching the movie).

Hm. . . I guess good night then? And thank you so much for reading this. . . post with no point. Enjoy the last days of May!

P.S. - I want to go to Verona.


  1. You may admire Romeo and Juliet for a while, but in the end you'll realize that the greatest love story is your own.