Saturday, March 5, 2011


So... What happened in my life today? I know you'd probably doesn't care. At all. But this is where I post everything, ha ha. Hm.. I was feeling quite in the mood to create something, and so I made these bangles and I've customized my blackberry skin! Yeay!

All of those are made by my leftover batiks, of course. I love batik, and I want people nowadays (well, mostly people my age-ish) to appreciate what our ancestors had left us. We have to appreciate what globalization has done for us, you know. We don't have to wear batiks formally anymore, such and such. Haha! I know I'm trying to think deep right now, but I can't. Oh well. Ignore this.

Anyways. Had a chance to find the outfit for my cousin's wedding in about 2 more weeks. I know it's still ages to go, but I still have so many things to do, uni stuff and all, and I don't want to be panicky later on. Not to mention about the attributes (read: purse, make-up, and of course SHOES). And oh, found Kakung's Leica in his room - because I was looking around in Uti's batik-full closet to match the top I'm gonna wear.

P.S. - I'm following this year's American Idol. Stefano Langone = heartthrob. Pia Toscano = my newest idol which I look up to.
OMG she's so pretty.

P.S.S. - I tend to be confused when a post is about to be published. Title. Title. Title. For me, a every title on this post is either related to the post, or not. This time, it doesn't relate. At all. Current song that stuck on my head: True by Spandau Ballet :)


  1. HAHAHAAHH lovin your bb cover keiii so indonesian hahahhaah yeaaay ohya leica nya buat guaaaa!!!!!! alia

  2. al..........
    lo trnyta komen2in ya..... HAHAHAH!!!