Monday, September 26, 2011

Heads Up.

Ever had some sort of a . . . 'boredom' of what you do for living? I guess everyone has to pass this phase, I guess? I've been . . . very tired and all that. Lots of things to do, in so little time. A lot of thinking has been occurring in my mind. About the present, about the future, and all that. Not to mention about the tension and pressure that are going on lately. Perhaps these are the reasons that I guess are the cause of me having this 'phase of boredom'.

Oh well, life's a colorful journey. And I think I'm in my grey road right now. Ha. Oh well . . . Will have to make this week a productive week, though. And put it all in God's mighty hands, for sure . . .

Guess it was a right choice to start coloring up the week by having a movie marathon today. Final Destination 5, which was NOT really my thing, but it was Lizzie's choice. And then we ended the day with . . . Hangover part 2! Which was my choice. And it really was entertaining. Wickedly funny it was! And yes, I ate this fattening and so egg-y layered crepes cake with apple crumble and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

An interesting quote I found to boost my week up. And I hope you'll get some spark of energy boost out of this quote. Have a great week ahead!

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