Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday's Family Day.

So . . . yesterday was family day. Since my brother's still around, my Kakung had the urge to have a lunch-out after church at Jun Njan. A feast it was. And yes, I was bloated.

And later at night, we had this family gathering (dad's side) at my uncle's house. Yes, as you know I don't really get along with my family from dad's. Well, scratch that, only a few. Only my first cousins, you know. And there were people that I don't really know (like, for instance, my dad's second cousins . . . Like, seriously. . . How am I suppose to know?) came up to my dad and said things like: "How come you never bring your daughter around when there are meetings?" Yep . . . That is why I don't like to hang around much.

From my dad's side, it's sort of a . . . normal thing to do to match-make your kids with your own second or third cousins/nephews/nieces. Sort of. I don't really get it. But my dad, of course, doesn't want their children to be match-made! Cause he also refused to be match-made when he was younger. Ha! Like, hello? It's already 2011 you know, and people have their rights to CHOOSE! Ha, ha ha.

Oh well . . . Enough with the family drama. Today's plan is to have a movie marathon with Lizzie-o!


P.S. - I'm currently drooling over Kahitna's songs. Yes, they have the best love songs (locally, in my opinion). And one of my current favorite is "Menikahimu" - which means "Marrying You". That song is beyond sweet.

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