Friday, September 23, 2011


Had a pretty hardcore week, and so mind the fewer posts. Work's pretty stressful and took much of my time. Tears have been accompanying me through sleeps. And also eating rice have been the solution. My oh my, rice + me = is not a good combo. I've been avoiding eating carbohydrates since . . . I don't know. I need to burn some calories tomorrow morning.

Well . . . Having a lunch-out for Gui's farewell today at Social House with the Interior Design peeps was quite fun. It did boost my mood up a little bit. The fact that she's leaving . . . wasn't that good idea, though.

Gui was my first lecturer at the Institute and in my opinion, she opened my eyes a little quite further in the design world. Lots of questions and critiques were given throughout my works actually made me learn on how to defend my ideas and actually gain more knowledge. I look up to her in many different views. The fact that, in my opinion, she's an adventurer, brace myself up on taking a journey on my own to Europe this year. Having to see a whole new side of the world on my own actually was really . . . something. It taught me a lot.

There's already something missing without her having teaching any of my classes for these past 2 terms. Yes, it's funny how I miss her cold and tough inputs. But then again, those were actually the most constructive criticisms that I needed. I personally will miss her.

Wishing you a great journey in life ahead, Guillemette Pralat!

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