Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dreamy Disney.

Yay! Found out on how to use the "old look of Blogger" just now! Ha, ha. Anyways, since there were Disney tunes during the office hour, I was reminiscing my days when I was little. Up until now, I'm still reminiscing about my childhood memories back in the 90s, though. Oh how time flies so fast. Like . . . super fast, you know. It seems like it was just yesterday that my brother and I watched our collection of Disney's classics that we got on VHS. Or the sing-a-longs.


Okay, here are some of my views and memories about Disney's never-ending movies. Let's start off with the Princesses! My favorite Disney's Princess would be . . . Ariel. Yup. Her thick red hair is so fluffy and I was envy of her of living her life under the sea. Oh by the way, yes, I was a very fond swimmer at that point. Plus, Eric is one of the handsomest Disney's prince, in my opinion. Ha, ha. I still remember that my favorite bedsheets were my Little Mermaid's ones. OH! Fyi, I have this . . . 'thing' for bedsheets - up until now. I don't know why. Ha ha.

First ever watched Disney's movie in the theaters? Pocahontas. It was only the four of us, in Pondok Indah Mall, I suppose. I was very little at that time, and I didn't even remember on how the story goes. Until now, I still really don't know how the story flows. Really. The only one thing that I still remembered during that movie day-out with the family, was how I was scared of the big giant talking tree in the movie.

I just love Disney's soundtracks. Their melodies are so easy-listening and are easy to remember. Yet the choice of words are so . . . inspiring. I am now listening to Pinnochio's "When You Wish Upon a Star" that was sung by Louis Armstrong. I think I would hit the bed real soon, listening to my collection of Disney's songs. And now . . . randomly, I remembered my Kakung by listening to this song. Oh yes, my grandfather is a real fan of Louis Armstrong. Ha, ha.

Good night everyone! Dream, and believe!

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