Friday, April 27, 2012

Stache in Calais.

Hi! How was your day? Mine was great, thank you for asking. Ha, ha. Well anyways . . . mine went pretty fast. Like in turbo speed. Can't believe that it's the night time already. I had to finish off some things at the bank, therefore went to the office at lunchtime. Office was . . . very chill, I may say. Which was really what I need to end the week.

Since we, at the office, like to call or get an online delivery for food . . . and also this random frequent discussion on bubble drinks - (which I don't really don't know why, ha ha), we finally have accomplished our grants that were sitting on our wishing box. That is . . . to try this cute bubble tea shop called, Calais Artisan Bubble Tea & Coffee.

In my opinion, the one hour-ish delivery service was really worth to wait. Although, we were a bit alarmed if they suddenly cancelled our orders or something. Or if the deliverer got lost. And other things that are . . . negative. Ha. But anyways, I was really satisfied with the drinks.

The one that I ordered was the Lavender Milk Tea with Pink Bubble! It was really yummy for the tummy, and was quite decent for dessert. Oh! Although if I may say . . . the bubbles were a bit sticky so it wasn't really what I had in mind. Other than that, it was perfect! The sweetness was right on target, and my afternoon was so . . . flowery! I liked it.

Should really try! The menu's so cute as well! Probably would be even great if they'd open a booth around the southern part *teehee!

Pics are from here

Well, wishing you a great weekend ahead! And as for me, I'll be busy singing along to all the Disney classics that I've just added to my collection. Have a great Friday night!

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