Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Greetings from the land of the . . . er . . . Tigers? Is it? Or Lions? Hm . . . Oh well whatever. Singapore. I've been away from the laptop for quite some time, and I really miss my big mac back home :(

Singapore has been treating me . . . well enough. Have been strolling around Bugis, back and forth. Along the Riverside and around Holland Village. And yet, I have not been to Orchard for once. And yes, Singapore is not all about Orchard, people. (Well, this goes to . . . typical Jakartans who like to go and shop for some certain 'brands' that are already exist in Indonesia, ha! Well, you know what I mean, rrrighttt? - or so I hope). Well, scratch the 'for once' part, I had to go there on Sunday - and it was only for church, though.

Well, anyways . . . since mommy is still around, there's no 'homesick' or whatever. And yes, I hope there will be no homesick-ness affect me. After she'll go back home, the grands will come and visit me! So I guess . . . it would be fun! Well, it would be good eat-outs and shopping for me then. HA! Hm . . . what else to be shared . . .

First of all, since the company's blog is taking its first steps . . . I am also a . . . what should I say . . . contributing writer/blogger? Ha, oh well. I really appreciate and truly honored for the kind words of the description, that was written by the boss, ha ha! Well, you could go and click the blog, here. Only if you want, though - ha ha!

OH! And one last IMPORTANT thing! I really love how my Lord Jesus shows His love upon me. He always surprises me with His last-minute miracles, which makes me love Him more and more each day! By this, I am leaping in faith in every step of my life. I am so blessed, and I can't thank HIM enough. He really is my Mighty King and Savior!

I am now missing home. Really.

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