Sunday, July 15, 2012


It's Sunday, and my night is accompanied by . . . a can of Campbell's soup and a dinner roll. Oh, plus some cream cheese with herbs. HA! Yes. I am currently alone. All my housemates aren't around. So . . . yeah. Seriously. I feel so . . . alone. And I'm trying all my best to keep my tears to stay in the position where it should. Ha, ha.

Plus, mommy just told me that every time my Kakung texts me, he literally cries. And he said that it's okay for me to be alone. So that I would learn to be independent. Alone. Oh, plus he told mommy that it's a valuable lesson to learn for me to get used to be alone, for the next step of my life. If you know what I mean, ha, ha.

Oh God, I miss my family back home right now. I miss my . . . bedroom - which I think the brother is invading the room. I miss all of those traditional homemade food. I MISS RAWON! Well, actually there are lots of things that I miss, but if I tell you one by one - trust me, you would think that I'm such a princess-y. HA HA!!

Oh well, despite all the things that I miss . . . I could face a whole new step in my relationship with my Boggie. And most importantly, I could deepen my relationship with my God!

Oh, oh, oh! Before I forgot, there are some last teenie-weenie bits that I'd like to share with you (that is if you're interested, ha!). Well, it's about yesterday. I went out with a couple of friends to the Marina Bay area, for some research study that we have to do for Commercial Design class. Anyways, after we did all the things that needed to be done . . . I remembered when I took a ride with a taxi, the driver told me that there will be some fireworks - with all the water and air show, in the bay area, on Saturday. Well, I don't know what was the occasion. But here's some pictures that I took with the phone. Yes. I was too lazy to operate the camera, ha ha.

Oh. The air show. It was really loud. Yes. We were standing right below those jets. Super loud indeed. But reminded me of my man, *teehee!

Well anyways, I have some assignments to do. And now, I'm accompanied by some fresh grapes that I've just bought. Plus, I really need to start and count my expenses.

Good night.

Oh, P.S - mind the few pictures. Not in the mood to post pictures.

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