Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was . . . extremely greaaaattt! I was really ecstatic and jumpy and all that. Really. Spent the Saturday with my man Boggie! Yay! It was supeeeeerrrr fun!! So, is it okay for me to share my happiness in this reading? *teehee

People usually spend the day from the sun rises till it sets, right? But for us, it was the other way around, on this particular day. A little information here, the sun rises in Singapore at around 7am and it sets at about 7.30 at night. So imagine yourself how amazing is that. Ha! Not really, I'm exaggerating. I sometimes lost track of time though. Oh well, where was I? Ah yes. The day. Oh. I'll start a new paragraph then . . .

Well, okay. I woke up very early on Saturday. It was still dark outside. Seemed it was like at 2am, is it 2am? I asked myself. No. It was 4ish. Had a quick run to the bathroom, cause my man will pick me up in a minutes time! Yay!

Okay, to make long story short. We spent the day by strolling around the country of Singapore (I'm not mimicking those beauty pageants who delivered it wrong, if you know what I mean, if not just skip this whole thing in this bracket - ha! This is real you know, Singapore is a city AND a country too. Ha ha!!). Had quite a long walk around the Esplanade, and watched the sunrise around the area. Oh! It was near the Singapore Flyer thingy, where there was a bench looking at the view of the bay. It makes you feel like you're not in Singapore, at all. Really. The scenery and the surroundings of that particular place made me feel like I'm in a blockbuster movie that was filmed in . . . New York or something (haven't been to NY before, so I don't know if it's true or not, ha ha).

Oh, we had a very late brunch before, so we then had a late lunch at the Gardens by the Bay, right after we strolled around the area. I think it's not that 100% complete, though. The gardens, I mean. I don't know if it's true or not, it's just my humble opinion.

The day was filled with lots of joy and laughter. Those unforgettable moments will be kept in my pocket of memories forever. Other than Jakarta and Bali, I couldn't really believe that we could actually get lost in a new city. Literally. We almost got lost. Had some confusion on the lanes of the MRT, ha.

An almost 12 hours spent with my Boggie wasn't really enough. Seriously. Seemed the whole world was ours. Cheesy? No, it's true. Really!! Especially when we were just the only ones in the middle of street. And hugged each other while waiting for the crossing light to change. Really. Wished the time could just stop. For a little while. But it surely felt, that time froze.

My man is the ultimate gift for me. A gift from our Lord Jesus Christ. God is so great, and His love endures forever! I will surely keep this plant of love from God, grows. I really can't wait for HIS plans towards me, us, and our future!

And by the way! A little something to end the reading . . . Found a cute little coin purse from Alphabet Bags in Rockstar right after church. This is one of my way to keep my B in my arms whenever and wherever I go.

I'm having a morning class tomorrow and I should get my beauty sleep right now. Goodnight and talk later!

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