Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

Guess I haven't been quite . . . committed, I should say - to my new year's resolutions. By not staying update with the blog is one of them. Hm . . . To be honest, I've been staring at this blank post page for the past few days. Every time begin writing words, I entered the backspace button till it erases all of the sentences that have been decorating the space. It's just I get confused on what to write. Anyways . . . let's start a new and fresh beginning, since it's still the first month of the new year. Before it's too late. Ha.

I've been super happy and joyful for the past few days, actually. First off, it's because of the internship position that I got in a company that fits my . . . everything. Seriously, it surely fits me. I've been praying to GOD as well (just a little fyi). Ha ha. Will surely do the details as soon as possible! Surely can't wait to start!

Have been meeting my friends since kindies! Yay! Watched New Year's Eve with Lizzie & Ulli today, and it . . . well . . . those kind of movies touch my heart. Seriously. Or I just think I'm a real sucker for romance, perhaps? But I'm loving it, ha ha!

Hm . . . What else . . . Oh! Will have a 5-days escape with the grands, starting by the end of the week.

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