Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm currently addicted with: plaid rolled-up button down shirts, with colors that are pleasing for the eyes. Perhaps I'm in my preppy mood for the time being. . . Or is it just because it's my B's signature dress-code? *teehee

Actually, we've been somehow dressed-up with the same stuff in every occasion. Like seriously. And it's been occurring quite often - and still counting! We didn't had somewhat an agreement or something every time before we meet, on what to wear or what color will we wear. It surely is . . . something (just like this blog, ha!) No, seriously, it's like . . . serendipity. Well you may think it's cheesy or something, but for us . . . it's somehow . . . magical! *teehee

Seriously. I love that word, though. Serendipity.

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