Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Twelve.

A new year is already ahead of us. Geez, I just can't believe how time flies so fast! It's already 2012, and I'm just amazed on how great is my God that I could still be alive - and almost aged a fifth of a century! I just can't thank HIM enough!

As for me, I had the most memorable end of the year experience with my B. In the island of gods, that is. Bali. Yeppp. Since I was with my family, he was with us for most of the time! Although it was a short one, those two days in paradise was really amazing. I just know that it's all because of HIS grace. I was very . . . ecstatic, that we could spend time to get along with each other - and of course with my family! Oh, and had a nice little private course on aviation by the beach! It was surely fun! And to be honest, I feel kinda smart now - after knowing JUST a little bit of those aviation thingy. Ha, ha! Can't wait to learn more from him!

Didn't get the chance to go around Bali, though. Just had the chance to went around the hotel area, which was Nusa Dua, and a quick look in Seminyak. It was surely packed! Most probably with Jakartans like me, ha ha!

Had a New Year's brunch with the family at The Grand Cafe in Grand Hyatt after church.

OH! This reminds me! Went to two services today - first with my B and the other with my parents. Yes. I'm still amazed until now. Seriously. I've just had THE BEST day to begin the year! Can't thank my GOD enough, like . . . seriously. HE is so great!

I wish you all a new beginning of a new hope, with an overload amount of joy & happiness!

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