Friday, January 27, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Guess I did it again . . . For not writing a post on the blog every now and then *sigh . . This is all because of the things that were happening for the past week, it kept me really busy. Even I miss my friends so bad, cause I didn't had any chance to meet them. Haven't met them on this new year! OMG much right? *sigh . . .

Oh well, anyways . . . I've been really excited to start my internship program. I've been accepted in a new company - which I believe will be very 'hip & happening' in the world of design, Revastudio. Well, perhaps I will tell you more about the company later on, but you could check their website here, you know . . . *teehee

Oh! Found some new chunky lovelies to be added to my collection - from the short trip to Singapore just a while ago. And by this, I guess I should buy a new book case, cause it's already packed. Like, seriously.

Hm . . . what else that happened in my life during the week . . . Well I guess it's too personal and I don't want to brag about it, ha! And as if you're that interested in my life? Ha!

Talk later!

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