Monday, January 2, 2012


Can't imagine that tomorrow's the third already! It seems like yesterday was just the eve! Time surely flies. In full speed, nowadays. Anyways, I would really like to put a blog about my resolutions, (and two of them include: 'to blog at least once a day', and 'change my Facebook profile picture that hasn't been changed for ages', ha ha!) but I guess I'm too tired tonight. I promise you that I'll share mine tomorrow!

Found out a new kid on the blog. Ha. Well not technically a blog, though. Everyday Romance, a Twitter account (@EvrydayRomance) which posts everyday romantic moments that might happen to everyone - and this includes you too! Please do kindly click their Twitter for those of you who are a sucker for romantic things. Don't forget to cuddle yourself up inside the blankie, *teehee!

I'm suddenly beginning to have this Spice Girls fever all of a sudden. And now I'm missing my days living and growing in the 90s. Oh well, I guess I'm gonna hit the bed real soon. Tomorrow's a new day to deal with!

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