Sunday, January 29, 2012

Virtual Findings.

I feel like changing the blog's layout - cause I'm getting bored with the layout and stuff. Perhaps only some little bits, though. I'd probably add those little tiny bits on the sidebar, to change the . . . look a little.

While browsing the web for some references for the on-going project, I found these new design blogs that are really interesting. Well, for me, that is - ha ha! The first one is The Designer Pad. I just love this clean-looking blog, with its texts that are light for the eyes, and their posts are really lovely!

The second one is called, FOKal. This blog posts stuff about interior and home decor ideas. What I love about this blog is that they have a section on some DIYs which I think are very interesting and I really like to make one my own. The other thing that I enjoy looking at this blog is the fact that they have a wide section all about design. From products, accessories, gift ideas, and yadda yadda yadda.

Take a look at those two, if you care. Ha, ha! Have a great week ahead!

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