Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi. Sorry, sorry, major sorry!

I've been quite occupied during these past weeks, well you could see by how many posts I did for the month! OMG, with this one, it would be my 2nd post of the month! WOW. Although I have few of some freshly written posts saved as drafts - it's too cheesy I wouldn't even publish it online. Ha, ha.

Anyways, how am I doing? I'm doing great as always (like you would even ask? ha, ha. I'm talking to myself. Weird? I know). Okay moving on . . . work has been fun and challenging. Despite the accessories hunting and site visits, I've been told to handle a new project of a kitchen and the children's bedroom of a Contemporary Classic house. As I reaaaallllly love kids, doing this project would be very fun! Well, for the kitchen . . . perhaps it's a sign for me to actually START doing some cooking, not just collecting new recipes without even making it. Ha!

Well, perhaps I should go and continue my progress on this. Wishing you a productive week!

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