Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I guess I'm in my writing mood right now, though I don't really know what to share. So please bear with me with some chunks of juicy paragraphs that I think I will write within this post.

The week has been pretty fun and exciting, but minus the upset-tummy that I had several days ago - which was pretty terrifying and surely exhausting. An ointment and a letter from Boggie, though he himself is pretty much my greatest cure! *teehee

I've been doing the 3D model of the kitchen that I'm working right now, and I guess I needed a short break from all the work-related things. Oh! Have been doing some finishes for the internship report as well, and there are still some missing parts that I need to do - and it's due on Friday! Well, it's only the draft though, but . . . still.

Haven't been working out during the weekdays, so therefore my new workout session is on weekends. Yay! (Not, ha ha). So . . . I guess I'm stuck with no more topics to be shared, and I guess I'll go on to and continue my work.

Oh, it's lunchtime already! Yay! Have a great lunch, everyone!

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