Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Went for a check to a site project today! Well . . . perhaps I'll share all the details that are related to my work/internship a bit later on, though. Ha ha! Anyways . . . I had the chance to visit a cute little stationery store in Taman Anggrek Mall - called ArtBox. The shop sells all kinds of stationery kits from Korea. Believe me, they are all cute!

I must admit, that I'm a stationery-addict since a kid . . . Buying, somehow, useless things that I see are cute would be one of my bad habits that I must let go . . . *sigh . . . But on second thought, I think most females do love collecting cute stationery and all those things . . . rigggghhttt?? Ha ha!

On top of that, bought some pens from Muji as well. And I guess it's time for me to keep updating my financial outcome. That is why I had the urge to buy this cute cash notebook. I should really need to saving some more money. . . for the future! *teehee!

Hope you're enjoying your week, cause I do!

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