Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last Saturday of the month.

Woke up today and got a lovely surprise from Boggie. A bouquet-full of red roses and a letter (which should remain confidential, ha ha). A really nice way to end the last Saturday of the month. He is a real sweetheart. Planned the whole surprise thing with mommy. It really tingled my heart. Like seriously. Oh, didn't get the chance to search on those crystal vases from Uti's collection, Starbucks frappuccino's bottle it is, as a vase.

Well, while he's up around the air somewhere. . . I spent the day by cleaning up the room . . . and the workspace! My oh my. My Uti really wanted the space to be clean and neat. So, yeah . . . guess what I did could make her happy.

Didn't go anywhere, which . . . I don't really mind. Seriously. Saving more money for the future! Ha. Oh, had an hour-ish exercise, which makes my body aches real bad right now. Especially my calves. Well, I hope I'll be all muscular-y in no time! *teehee*

Oh! And here's a sneak peek of my internship report. Well, I don't know if you're that interested of what I do. Ha, ha.

Oh well, hope you are now enjoying your Saturday!

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