Friday, February 24, 2012

Trips of the day.

Had a pretty nice day. Since the principal designer at the office couldn't come, I had to attend a seminar thingy, well it was called as a 'Designer Gathering' though, at Informa Living World. Seriously, it was my first visit and I fell in love with the place instantly. It's a 3-storey furniture shop, and I could simply live there. A one-day visit is not enough to look around, in my opinion that is. Oh, got a complete catalog that is worth a million Rupiah - oh how I love getting goodie bags from seminars/exhibitions.

Anyways, had a quick stroll at Living World - and my oh my . . . the place is full of food! Not to mention that there's Flavour Bliss across the street. So . . . I guess I'm going to share my culinary experience for the day.

A quick lunch at the Eastern Kopi Tiam, which is in the Flavor Bliss area. Well, technically Alam Sutera is in Tangerang which is OUTSIDE Jakarta, and so I don't visit the area quite often. Anyways, the food was . . . great! Really! Had a nice kwetiauw siram, shared with mommy though. Oh, and the place was so . . . Singaporean. I really loved it. Not to mention about the price! Very affordable!

Next, after the whole seminar thingy, we had a stop for our coffee at another kopitiam place, called My Kopi-O. Well, since we were in the area, we would like to try restaurants that aren't available (yet) in the south - where we live. Had fried eggplants, which was really tasty, and had this . . . I forgot what's it called. Well, it's a dessert. Ha. Oh well, the taro smoothie that I had was yummy as well.

Guess my weekend will be occupied on the treadmill! Good night.

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