Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Early Reds.

Have been dealing with . . . you know, work. And stuff. Body's aching, throat's bugging. I need a real pamper. Oh well, we all need to give thanks in every situation. Anyways, it's minus one of my day, and I got myself an early present from the most influential and inspirational person, whom I love most, on earth - mommy!

Well, she told me to pick what shoes (well, if I could choose WHAT EVER I want, I'd straightly pick a white iPhone 4 - though she knew already that I'm immensely adoring the gadget for quite some time) - but oh well, she knew me so well. I am a shoe freak. Therefore, a brand new pair of red platforms from Dorothy Perkins was the choice - since there are no reds in my collection (well . . . I have this pretty ballet flats though, haha)

I'll catch up with the blog perhaps tomorrow, cause work is piling up. So heavy. Laters!

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