Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was flicking through the internet and found bloggers that wrote their reasons of writing their blogs - and I got motivated to write one of my own. So here it goes . . . Kezia Angelica's reasons of writing this blog . . .

  1. Daydreaming and imagining things are what I do most of the time. It surely does help me to dig my brain a little deeper, and what do I do to record it? I write it down. Therefore, since I was little . . . writing andlearning new words are what I love to do. Oh. Childhood dream? To be a successful Editor in Chief in some fashion/design magazine.

  2. As I also love to shop, eat, and find new things around the city (or VIRTUALLY around the world), I’d like to share such information that may help any of you who are . . . an internet savvy as I am? Ha ha!

  3. I surely want people to know me. Who doesn't, right? Hereby, I'm telling you a real secret . . . I am shy at times, and my main aim was to get people to know me and have the most hits out of the blog-world. But I was so naive back then, wants to gain popularity - such and such, yadda yadda yadda, and so . . . I guess this isn't really worth to be put on the list? But oh well, I'm trying to be honest with you, who-ever-reading-this.

  4. Helping each other is more than a gold's worth. I surely do hope that I could be a real helping hand for you, in any ways, by writing this blog.

  5. Last but not least, writing a blog does bring its own joy and happiness for me. Therefore, I wish it brings YOU that certain glee as well.


  1. Hey Kezia
    My friend Payal introduced me to this blog and I enjoy reading your posts.
    You should check my blog out:


  2. Oh hey! Thanks for checking my blog and thankyou for your kind words! And nice simple blog you got there!

    Nice to know you btw :)

  3. Nice to know you too Kezia :)
    I've added your blog under my "Blogs I subscribe to Page" found at
    Check it out :)