Sunday, June 26, 2011

Minus 2 and Matryoshka.

Had to buy those little things for the trip cause it's just 2 more days to go. Gasp gasp! Very excited! Anyways, had a nice beef teriyaki lunch at Pand'Or with the folks.

And oh! Mommy insisted me to have another phone - which is not a 'so-called' smartphones, the ones that we have to use it for phone somebody. I've been sort of a fan of this cute square-shaped X5 from Nokia. I liked the violet and green better than the pink one, but they say that the standards are the blue, pink and grey - and it's not easy to find the greens nor the violets one. Oh well, am I turning into a girly-girl nowadays? Hm. . .

And please take a look at what I bought for my Uti on her birthday! A very cute Matryoshka that I personally love and hoped I had another one for my own - to spice the room a little bit *teehee* As my Uti loves to collect dolls from all over the world, I guess this could fill up one of her doll storage - though I guess she already have a pair of this, but oh well, this is too cute to be missed!

It was on a bazaar in Gandaria City that I found this lovable stand that sells many kinds of Matryoshka - as well as other Russian thingy-s, ha ha! Oh well, can't wait to wait until they actually have their own store on August! Oh, and I'm sorry if the following explanation of 'what is Matryoshka' is in Indonesian, but hey . . . you could always google it ;)


  1. hape kita samaaan, gw juga pake yang nokia X5 itu warnanya juga pink. hihihi ((:

  2. nice post. saya suka sekali matryoshka. boleh tau tokonya akan buka dimana?
    thanks before. :)


  3. hi! sblmnya tinggal dmn? ini akan buka di jkt, di gandaria city, katanya sih akan buka skitar september/oktober...

    salam kenal :D

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