Saturday, June 25, 2011

Graceful Weekend.

So. . . had a great Friday yesterday. Our Father in Heaven blessed my Uti for still giving her extra strength for her to turned into the age of 82, yesterday. Had a little lunch-out at Gourmet World (formerly Gourmet Garage) just within the 'inner-family' to give thanks to our Lord.

And I had the chance to have dinner and sharing long talks with Bogster (a.k.a Boggie) to finish the day, hihihi.

Oh, had a little family fellowship/gathering today. Well you know, family gatherings tend to have great food. Therefore, I was bloated. Well, I am bloated - up till now.

I'm enjoying the weekend and I hope you all have a great one as well! And I don't know what's wrong with the mobile version of the blog. I so wish this can be viewed from mobiles. Oh well . . .

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  1. Happy family... anyway... I like your blog. I am addicted to read all of ur story...
    -The Anonymous-