Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My All-Time Inspiration.

She is the most elegant beauty thing that I have ever seen. I look up to her since I was a child. She shared her love and care with me. She supports me in everything. Have the best cooking of all. She gave me her valuable things, and that includes her handwritten cookbook since her mother's era. I have a quart of her DNA inside of me, and her name is Darmiati Poeger. Also known as my Uti - grandma in my Javanese way.

Being brought up by a father who was a teacher at a Dutch colonial school and a mother who was a nurse at local clinic, made her fluent in 3 languages. Javanese, Indonesian and Dutch. A daughter of 7 siblings, and I guess she was the most loved one. The most loved daughter by her parents. Apparently, she was the only one that made her parents happy (by they attended their wedding - yes, FYI, my great grands didn't attend any of their daughters wedding, except my Uti's).

My Uti is my inspiration in everything. In life, in love, even in my projects. I love how she raise a family. She completely obeys her husband, taught her children to be strong and not spoiled, and just be humble in every aspects in life. I love my Uti as I much my Kakung (grandad). It makes me sad every time I see one of them cry. I don't want to hurt their feelings. They are the most valuable people that I love and I really want to make them proud. And I can't think of any other pretty words to explain what I feel right now - as I'm currently flooding in tears.

Being the smallest grandchild, well, now there's Mikaela - but basically I'm the smallest that she took care, made me so worried about her. I mean, yes, she takes care of Mikaela, but not like . . . carry her around, go out with only her, and stuff like that you know (cause now my Uti is old enough and can't really much carry little kids again). Oh well, back to the point. She's now 80+ and needs someone to be there by her side, with a strong physique. It seems I need to do something for her, you know . . . After all what she had done for me.

Got tied to the cable lines made her fell down this morning. And I feel so sad right now, you know. Her back problem have been an issue, and now, this? Her knee? OMG. And I don't know what my Kakung's reaction will be. Cause now he's in Singapore with his buds, probably having a good time in the casino (yep, I'm trying to cheer myself here. Ha ha).

I thank the Almighty that He still gave her chance to live a life in this earth, and I am praying for her physical condition to be strengthen even more each day by HIM. There's always this one little thing that I've been praying for: for my Kakung and Uti to see and attend one of their grand-children's wedding.

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