Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I miss posting about food, and so I'm gonna share what I eat today! Haha. Had a nice late lunch at Kopitiam. Some shrimp roll-ish (which I forgot what it's called), a Singaporean carrot cake which was very tasty, and some french toasts with kaya.

Oh! Not to forget about. . . Es Pisang Ijo! This is a traditional food from Makassar, where the banana is covered by a green . . . . thing? Hahaha, I don't know what's the dough called - well imagine this like a crepe, but it's green, haha! And it's mostly served as a dessert, with shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk with sometimes addition of syrup. They're so lovely, I've been craving for a bowl of this since. . . ages.

Oh yes, fresh from the oven - self manicure! Let's see when this is gonna last. Remembering that I need to make another model, perhaps these will be ruin by the glue. And I think I'm into these colors right now. And now I miss eating cotton candy.

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