Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Happa.

The day went so quick. First it was started by the Environmental Lighting class, and today was the due for our own lighting fixture! The results were pretty awesome by the way. . . And then finished the day with a stroll around Grand Indonesia with mommy afterwards.

We were wandering around LevelOne, and although I knew already that there were new stores that were in, I didn't payed much attention to them before. And so, our eyes caught the attention of Happa, a very rich eastern background of feminine line by Mel Ahyar.

It's funny when I came to the store, I was totally blank that Mel Ahyar is one of the lecturers of Fashion Design in the Institute. One of my lecturer told me about her before, cause she was his client or something - I quite don't know about the whole professional stuff (ha ha!). Yeah. . . I was kind of surprised that I remembered it just as I entered the house!

The whole line was to represent our nomad's ancestors which heritage somewhat a mystery of mix eastern and western beauty. It tells a story from Thailand, Tibet, and a touch of Indonesia. I love the use of lace of the collection. They somewhat represent a very explorer soul, in a girly way.

As you know that a black dress is a must in a girl's closet, and so I decided to buy this alluring dress. It makes me feel like I'm Pia Toscano. . . in a way. Hahaha!

Although I also wished I bought this dress! The peach suited my skin tone better, though. But oh well, first thing's first. I am sure in love with the palette hues of the line! They are so me :D

Please do find out Happa in their Facebook account, follow their Twitter, and check out the website! They're worth to be in your closet :D

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