Friday, May 20, 2011


A quick driver for the family for the day. Oh yes, I'm a weekend driver, haha!

Had the most wonderful day by far this week! The fact that the altered pants from Zara is ready, I also received the package from DhieVine ByDhika. I love the sheer white long skirt which made me feels very calm when I wear it. Plus, got some freebies from her! Couple of hairpins/brooches and a belt :D

And yes, the pants. It's just so lovely. I love the patterns, and I feel so hippie when I put it on. OMG, I just love it. Love the texture from the shiny silk. Love the vibrant colors. Love, love, love!

Oh, I love my God. He loves to surprise me in every aspects of my life. And today. . . I was totally surprised! I don't want to be a spoiler, but I'll spill it all out when it is near! Can't freakin wait! Oh, and here's another clue. Go figure ;)

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