Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lickerish Delish(ious).

As a virtual shopper, I love browsing through the net to find new and interesting findings stuff to buy. The main priority, of course, shoes. And other apparels that can be worn. Well, you can find on the right section of this screen, my local findings which I found are interesting and unique. Most of the list on your right are the places I like to shop from :D (well, yes there are some I wish I could afford to buy on my own, haha!)

Anyways, as time goes by and communication is getting better through technology, we can now access everything that we need through the web! From second priorities such as clothing, and other knick-knacks, to our basic needs! Such as food!

Lickerish Delish is one of the examples. They provide quite a range of yummy sweets and I think are difficult to find anywhere else. From gelato, gelato cakes, tarts and tartlets, you could be high on sweets, haha! From what I read from their Twitter account, they could make a customized cake of your own! But please correct me if I'm wrong.

I was in Pacific Place when I firstly found out about this delightful sweets shop - which I had a little post about it in here. They still have a small gelato parlor in Kem Chicks which you could stop by anytime and have a taste on their tempting gelatos! I'm sure you'll have this sudden struck of "love at first sight" moment - cause I do! Hahaha!

Thank you so much, Lickerish Delish, for the lovely unexpected gifts of gelatos and petits. I loved it so much! And so does my little cousin, Mikaela. Please do wait for my order real soon :D

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