Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monologs and Endings.

Had a nice meet-up with my school friends. Tried Monolog for the first time. Food is great. Dessert is well-done. Ambiance is a winner. Loved the chairs and all the details.

Shopping try-outs for my friend Alia - who is trying to find the perfect outfit for her inauguration thingy. Theme: Broadway. Had several ideas: Mary Poppins, Audrey Hepburn, and sailor-inspired. Oh well, I don't know much about "Broadway" except Moulin Rouge. Or Annie? Or even Phantom of the Opera? Hm. Wizard of Oz? Oh well I don't know . . . though perhaps wearing look-a-likes of a sailor-girl would be sexy on you, my friend :-*

Oh! Had a second dessert-time at Bakerzin. Had a major foodgasm because of the Raspberry Panacotta - and I am motivated to make one on my own. Someday.

And oh, forgot to tell you. A friend since kindies, Ulli, is in J-Town!

Food. Laughs. Photos. And long chats. Those are the words that can't be separated from . . . good friends. A perfect way to end the month!

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