Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Long Coverings.

Since a kid, mommy dressed me up with clothes that are 'polite' - and so I'm not into tight clothes, sleeveless shirts and mini shorts. Or is it because of the strong Javanese culture that I'm being brought up to that teaches me to dress up nicely in public? Well, that's just me though. Right about now, I am in love with long skirts - and these are just some of what inspire me.

Oh! The brown was my mommy's which is now nicely folded in my wardrobe. And the tosca green is a newbie to the wardrobe :D

Oh and this is so random. These are what I normally bring when I have classes. But. . . I'm still keeping my chin up to be happy! And I'd better get going with my assignments, or else, I'm screwed. We'll talk later!


  1. pasti inspirasi lo adalah alia deh

  2. iya nih.. source of many inspiration = aliannisya fatma. hahaha!