Monday, May 16, 2011


So . . . Tomorrow the Buddhists are having their Vesak, and in a country like mine where you have a holiday on days like Tuesday or Thursday, the government would make the Monday or Friday as a holiday as well. I don't get the point though, but oh well . . . For me, I'm having long weekends every week (for 3 months) anyways, haha!

Anyways, spent a short period of time with Lizzie and Amanda. It's been ages since I last met Mandy! Although it wasn't long, I had quite fun with them both. Another short escape from my workloads! I'm surely missing my school friends :(

Oh well, the cloud looks so angry and it'd be so nice if I take a little nap. Hope you all are having a nice Monday to start the week, I'll talk to you later then!

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