Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last for the Week.

As usual . . . I've been very busy and didn't have the urge to post a blog in these past few days of the week. I'm currently enjoying myself in designing my own Portfolio and everything related to it, but the not-so-fun part is to re-do or re-draw some of the things that are needed to change. But oh well . . .

Oh! Changed the babymac into OS X Lion. Yay! iCloud and all of that, it's pretty cool! Cable-less syncing method to the iPhone with its new iOS 5! I feel so hi-tech nowadays! Ha, ha!

Oh! If you have the chance, AND if you're interested, take a peek on my Instagram! I've been addicted to post architecture-related photos on the feed! Just so you know. . . Ha, ha!

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