Friday, October 28, 2011

Morning Glory.

Had an amazing 'evening-till-night' time with Boggie, and he took me to a nice & homy coffee place in Plaza Senayan (well, technically it's on the basement level of the office tower beside the mall) called "Morning Glory".

I reaaaaallly loved the place. Seriously. The place feels so "Apple", where the waiters jotted down the orders on an iDevice (I didn't get the chance to look, perhaps it was an iPod touch - or something), oh and there are free iMacs to be used on the spot - which is pretty cool, for a coffee shop. In Jakarta. Don't you think? Or am I just exaggerating this? Ha, ha. Oh well. . . Exposed ceiling, wooden walls, concrete floors. Great ambiance and a small yet cozy hide-out place. Should really try!

Had some late dinner afterwards and finished the day at Starbucks around the downtown. Ha ha! Oh, and yes, he brought so many lumpia (spring rolls), literally flown in from Semarang, for me and the whole family *teehee*

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead!

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