Friday, October 7, 2011

Clogs Crave.

So, okay. I'm back. Did a little revision of my office project and some little ideas jotted down on the Illustrator, for the name card that should represent ourselves. Ha! Yes, it's a part of my Portfolio Design class. And of course, it is fun. I repeat, it. . . is. . . FUN!

Anyways, I've been thinking about . . . the fact that I haven't been shopping much. It's kind of unusual to see myself without having the urge to buy something. Though there were lots of tempts that were caused by the eyes, but I just haven't got the . . . mood, to buy them. I've been saving money for the future, ha ha! Every extras that I got, I straightly save them. And of course, a minimum of 10% goes to GOD first. Yes. I know. It's not what a girl my age would do. You know. Saving money, for the future, yadda yadda yadda. But yes of course, we need to cheer ourselves up. Enjoy what we deserve, you know. . .

And so . . . I've been flicking through the web. And got stuck to one of my favorite online shops, locally. In my opinion, Kloom has the best clogs in the country. Design wise, and price wise. I'm glad that Indonesia has their own Swedish Hasbeens! Ha ha!

These are their premium collection, which I think are uh-may-zing! I could simply spot my own country in these designs.

Now . . . which one should I choose to be the third Kloom of mine . . .

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