Monday, October 24, 2011

Beta Cinta Indonesia.

I'm telling you . . . seriously, the weeks were getting pretty . . . packed. Can you imagine that it's the end of October, and a new brand new year is just around the corner? My oh my, surely time flies so fast.

Well, anyways . . . Last week's highlight was when I watched Guruh Sukarno Putra's performance which was called "Beta Cinta Indonesia" - it highlights memorable and hits songs that were really popular at the time when my mom was about my age! Ha, ha! So, it was like . . . 3 decades-ish ago, sort of. My mom always share her knowledge and experience about living in the country, back in the olden days. And I've been always a fan of listening to her kind of music back then. Not only internationally, but locally as well. And Guruh SP is one of my favorites, as well as hers.

As you all know, being the child of the nation's first president really motivated him as an artist to produce and write great songs as well dance moves to be somewhat a 'tool' of Independence. Not to mention about his passion of the nation, of course. I really love how he use high standard words of Indonesian language.

Being the country's next generation, it really motivated me. To . . . care about the country. To . . . open my eyes a little more on what's going on in this nation. To . . . simply change the country into a better place, a better home.

Though I wish I had the courage to take more pictures on each scenes. Ha, ha. But my favorite was when Tompi sung the song "Nostalgia (Hotel des Indes)" with his touch of jazzy bits, of course. Kinarya GSP dancers were magnificent as usual as well. The whole show was surely encouraging!

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