Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Pack-full of Sweets.

The day spent with a long girl-talk with Vanessa at Canteen. Quite a long time since our last date in the place. She was the one who told me to grab a lunch and have a looooonngggg chit-chat, and I was kinda worried when she was suddenly became quiet when we had a chat on BBM. Yes, I was afraid that she would bail on me. But then, the truth unveils itself. She slept until 1 or 2 pm.

A late lunch/dessert time it was. She gave me a pack where she called as a 'sorry-package'. It's because she was afraid that I would be mad or something, for keeping me waiting for so long. Ha, ha!

And so . . . the date was ended when her boyfriend came. That was the time that I had to . . . let the lovebirds fly. . . . Ha, ha! What a day it was. A 10k of parking fee surely pays off!

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